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Carbon Catchers is a company that was founded in 2021 with a mission to document and showcase the innovative solutions and designs aimed at reversing climate change. Their tagline, "Documentary filmmakers going behind the scenes of carbon removal innovation and designs to reverse climate change," highlights their focus on capturing the behind-the-scenes stories of carbon removal technologies and their potential impact on the environment.

The company specializes in climatetech and carbon removal, demonstrating their expertise in the field of climate action. They are dedicated to exploring and promoting sustainable solutions that can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions and combat climate change.

As activist-founders, Carbon Catchers is driven by a strong commitment to protecting the planet. They are actively involved in building tools and business models that can effectively pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, contributing to the global efforts to mitigate climate change.

Carbon Catchers' unique approach involves delving into the fringes of science and technology, where groundbreaking innovations are being developed to address the climate crisis. By highlighting the risks and challenges faced by these innovators, the company aims to raise awareness and inspire action towards defending our planet.

Through their documentaries and storytelling, Carbon Catchers aims to shed light on the individuals and organizations working tirelessly to reverse the effects of climate change. By showcasing their stories, the company hopes to inspire others to join the fight against climate change and contribute to a sustainable future.



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