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Compact Carbon

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Capture Technology


Compact Carbon is a company that was founded in 2018 and specializes in developing groundbreaking technology for CO2-Capture. The tagline of their website,, is not provided. However, it can be assumed that it would focus on their innovative and compact CO2 capture solutions. The company's expertise lies in utilizing G-forces instead of gravity to reduce the size of the equipment required for CO2 capture, making it significantly smaller than traditional plants. Their absorption "tower" is below 8 meters in height, even when including additional components like the Direct Contact Cooler and waterwash. Furthermore, the combined stripper/reboiler can easily fit into a 20 feet container. Despite its compact size, the technology developed by Compact Carbon has a high capacity for capturing CO2, ranging from 100,000 mt/y from fluegas containing 4% CO2 to up to 200,000 mt/y from fluegas containing 10-12% CO2.



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