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Dominion Energy Utah Starts Hydrogen Blending

Published by Todd Bush on April 4, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY, April 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dominion Energy Utah (DEU) launched hydrogen blending in Delta, Utah as part of an ongoing project to explore the opportunities this zero-carbon emissions fuel has to offer.   

Hydrogen is a clean emerging energy source that holds enormous potential. It can be used to heat homes and buildings, power manufacturing and fuel transportation – all with few or zero emissions.  When combined with natural gas, hydrogen can be transported through existing infrastructure and used in appliances and equipment that are already utilizing natural gas. Dominion Energy is investing in hydrogen early, exploring how it can help achieve net zero emissions by 2050, while simultaneously helping decarbonize other industries like transportation, manufacturing, and power generation. 

The blending in Delta's pipelines is the next step of the ThermH2™ project, piloted by Dominion Energy Utah. The first phase was focused on blending hydrogen in the utility's Training Academy to confirm hydrogen research that is currently available. A 5% hydrogen blend was tested for almost a year, finding that hydrogen was safe, compatible with current residential appliances and helpful in reducing emissions from appliances using already clean-burning natural gas. 

"The commencement of this project is very exciting for Dominion Energy Utah," said Judd Cook, Vice President and General Manager of the Western Gas Distribution system. "We are always looking for ways to reduce emissions while still providing the reliable, affordable and safe service that our customers expect from us. This project provides an opportunity to do just that."       

Blending in Delta will occur over a multi-year period to reinforce the findings from the Training Academy and will help DEU achieve its goal of preparing its entire distribution system to be ready to blend by 2030. An up-to 5% blend will be introduced to the city as well as to the surrounding towns of Oasis, Hinkley and Deseret, serving about 1800 customers. The project will begin with grey hydrogen and will upgrade to green hydrogen later this year. During the course of the project, the majority of hydrogen blended will be green hydrogen made from renewable energy.

This project is just one of the many ways that the company is focused on reaching sustainability goals and reducing emissions for the benefit of our customers, air quality and the environment. Dominion Energy is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and has reduced methane emissions from its gas operations by 38% since 2010. 

Customers can find out more about hydrogen or about the specific project in Delta by vising 

Dominion Energy

7 million customers in 16 states energize their homes and businesses with electricity or natural gas from Dominion Energy (NYSE: D), headquartered in Richmond, Va. The company is committed to safely providing reliable, affordable and sustainable energy and to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. Please visit to learn more.

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