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GenH2 Partners with Chart for Industrial-scale Hydrogen Liquefaction Technology

Published by Todd Bush on March 16, 2023

GenH2 and Chart Industries (“Chart”) have formed a strategic partnership to market and distribute small-scale hydrogen liquefaction technologies worldwide. The partnership includes collaboration on global sales and marketing opportunities, equipment manufacturing and supply, and the deployment of GenH2’s 1,000 kg/day hydrogen liquefier. GenH2’s flagship 1 ton per day liquefaction system offers 1,000 kg/day of pure para hydrogen using technology that is optimized for performance and efficiency.

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Chart also has 60 years of experience manufacturing hydrogen equipment that leads the industry in performance and quality. The collaboration will allow for the deployment of a scalable, modular distributed infrastructure that breaks geographic constraints, providing flexibility and control over energy sources. The two companies will continue to develop industry relationships across the full hydrogen value chain as well as pursue new customers where opportunities exist.

Partnering to Meet Hydrogen Demand

“Partnering with GenH2 on technology and equipment is a positive for the industry in furthering hydrogen liquefaction options of all scales and for a variety of applications,” stated Jill Evanko, Chart’s CEO. “We are excited to collaborate with GenH2 to bring these innovative solutions to market in a safe and efficient manner.”

“We’ve known Chart for a long time and they are interested in our 1 ton per day liquefaction system technology. We want to be great at building our 1 ton per day industrial scale solution while Chart goes after even larger production facilities,” said Greg Gosnell, CEO of GenH2.

This partnership allows Chart to expand its offering in the 1 to 5 ton per day industrial scale without losing attention on the large scale 30 to 80 ton per day projects. GenH2’s technology for liquefaction, transfer, and storage is recognized as a key solution across hydrogen markets.

There are a vast number end-uses for hydrogen market demand at the 1 to 5 ton per day scale, according to Gosnell, including:

  • Mobility
  • Aviation
  • Military applications for remote power and fuel
  • Liquefaction of gaseous hydrogen at the point of production
  • Energy storage & Microgrids
  • Ship bunkering

The flexible, modular design of the GenH2 liquefaction systems enable companies to use hydrogen to reduce carbon intensity of their operations, fuel fleets, or provide clean energy storage.

Shell, McDermott, Nasa, and GenH2 were selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to demonstrate large scale liquid hydrogen. The technology is proven, now GenH2 and its partners must deliver an economically viable solution.

Gosnell added, “by stacking 1 ton per day of our industrial scale solution, it allows hydrogen end users to not overshoot demand and maintain control of operating expenses.”

GenH2 is in a unique position to deliver critical solutions across several industries with its unique hydrogen systems. The longstanding relationship with Chart Industries allows GenH2 to focus on the core business of industry-scale and small-scale liquefaction systems rather than chase the larger hydrogen production markets.

About Greg Gosnell, CEO, GenH2

Greg Gosnell is an experienced senior leader with over three decades of experience in strategic technology and business solutions. He specializes in strategic planning, business development, product and service management, program management, operations, and service delivery. Greg has held positions in various industries, including financial services, energy, health care, retail, transportation, and government. He is known for creating clarity from complex situations and defining pragmatic strategies to achieve great outcomes.

In his current role at GenH2, Greg collaborates with strategic partners and customers to ensure the company can support their unique needs for hydrogen liquefaction, storage, and dispensing. He actively leads and engages in key initiatives related to financing, marketing, strategic planning, and operations. Greg holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geophysics from Colorado State University-Pueblo.

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