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Introducing the Nation's First Green Integrated Energy Center

Published by Todd Bush on April 13, 2023

Clean data centers. Clean electricity generation. Clean hydrogen production

MIDDLEBURG, Va., April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ --Green Energy Partners LLC of Virginia (GEP) is a property and project development company that is passionate about generating sustainable carbon-free energy. GEP has secured 641 acres in Surry County, Virginia, and plans to create the nation's first fully integrated Green Energy Center. The facility's official name is Surry Green Energy Center (SGEC). This ambitious project includes the building of 1-gigawatt of data centers, establishing a Green Hydrogen Hub, and, over time, deploying four to six small modular reactors (SMRs) each generating on the order of 250 MWe each. The SGEC may also incorporate energy storage capabilities to balance supply and demand at the fully integrated site.

green energy partners
Conceptual Illustration of Surry Green Energy Center

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The first of its kind green data center in America

The SGEC vision is to begin constructing the data centers now, with electricity provided by the grid.  In the future, the data centers would interconnect to new, carbon-free sustainable power from the co-located on-site SMRs. Today's reliable SMRs and advanced reactors, like the recently approved NuScale VOYGR SMR, can not only create carbon-free electricity, but can also be used to power highly efficient electrolysis processes converting water to green hydrogen fuel used on-site or transmitted off-site by blending into natural gas lines that currently cross through the property. The SGEC exhibits the ideal combination of clean hydrogen production, hydrogen consumers and energy-intensive customers (the data centers) all in proximity with a connective infrastructure. These green data centers can ultimately benefit not only from on-site SMR electricity production, but also hydrogen-fueled generator backup power. The need for this project is clear.  For example, the data centers in Loudoun County, Virginia alone use about 20% of Virginia's power capacity while handling upwards of 70% of the world's data traffic. Considering the exponential data and energy growth today, the Surry Green Energy Center will provide much-needed support to America and the world's internet traffic with positive national security implications — at a site that is highly suited for new nuclear today.

A hydrogen hub that turns water into carbon-free fuel

The Surry Green Energy Center site has, by all accounts to date, the infrastructure and transmission attributes needed to produce and distribute hydrogen — with oxygen as the only byproduct. The SGEC's Surry location promises ample water supply to produce hydrogen as well as for cooling. This facility will be a sustainable model nationally for green data centers, carbon-free electricity, and hydrogen production.

Surry County Economic Development and the Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory have cooperated with knowledge and various levels of support as this first-of-its-kind green energy center is realized. Key Local, State and Federal stakeholders have also been kept in the loop. Green Energy Partners of Virginia is aligning with the most accomplished SMR vendors, data center builders and hydrogen hub production experts to lead the world in these carbon-free energy goals. The SGEC project is estimated to create more than 3,000 jobs in the Surry area, boosting the local economy by generating millions of dollars in annual salaries and green energy revenue.

Surry County's optimal location lets companies easily locate in the nation's first green integrated energy center. The county's strategic investments in growing its energy workforce have made it even more attractive to companies who want to expand and grow in a community which embraces sustainable carbon-free energy." – Melissa Rollins, Surry County Administrator
"We encourage visionary companies like Green Energy Partners of Virginia who step up with efforts and resources as America leads the green energy movement in our world." – John Moorehead, Idaho National Laboratory

"The health of humanity and the world is at stake. Locations like this 641-acre green energy hub will protect millions of acres of forestry, wildlife, and human lives by reducing carbon in our atmosphere. – Jack Andrews, CEO Green Energy Partners of Virginia

SOURCE Green Energy Partners LLC of

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