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SCS Technologies’ CEO Cody Johnson to be a Keynote Speaker at National Carbon Capture Conference and Expo

Published by Todd Bush on November 6, 2023

Leader of CO2 Compression, Pipeline Leak Detection, Measurement Technology Provider to Serve a Platinum Sponsor of Event; Johnson to Discuss Carbon Capture’s Vital Role in Reducing Carbon Emissions

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SCS Technologies (SCS), a leading provider of CO2 measurement and pipeline leak detection systems, methane vapor recovery units and petroleum LACT units, today announced that its CEO, Cody Johnson, will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo, taking place in Des Moines, Iowa. Johnson will present “The Lynchpin to Solving a Global Tragedy of the Commons” in the general session at 9:25 a.m. CST on November 7, 2023. Reflecting their commitment to the cause, SCS Technologies is also serving as a Platinum Sponsor of the event.

National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo

“Fueled by the Inflation Reduction Act, carbon capture has quickly become a hot topic. Yet, the effectiveness of various technologies and projects in significantly curbing our carbon emissions is still up for discussion,” Johnson observed. “The National Carbon Capture Conference acts as a critical incubator for these discussions, drawing a broad spectrum of leaders from different organizations and corporations, all intent on tackling our immediate and looming environmental challenges. I'm eager to engage with the delegates, sharing my perspective on how Carbon Capture isn't just pivotal for sustaining our energy-driven lifestyle but is also critical in diminishing detrimental carbon emissions.”

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Hosted by Carbon Capture Magazine in partnership with BBI International, the National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo spans two days and is tailor-made for entities progressing in technologies and policies aiding the extraction of carbon dioxide (CO2) from various sources. The event's agenda delves into all facets of CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage), featuring in-depth research, current data, emerging trends, and valuable insights. The aim is to enrich participants' knowledge, foster networking opportunities, and enhance comprehension of both the market dynamics and carbon utilization strategies.

“Cody Johnson's keynote on the critical nature of carbon capture encapsulates a range of diverse perspectives we're converging to explore,” said John Nelson, vice president at BBI International, the organizer behind the National Carbon Capture Conference. “Having Cody and the SCS Technologies team involved at the event this year is exciting because they seek to find the balance between improving carbon emission strategies while maintaining their customers' operational integrity. Similarly, the National Carbon Conference aims to address the multifaceted needs and challenges of various industries seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.”

About SCS Technologies

SCS Technologies designs, fabricates, and installs CO2 measurement and leak detection systems, methane vapor recovery units, and petroleum LACT units for the energy, industrial and environmental sectors. SCS Technologies has committed to net zero emissions by 2050 as part of the company’s strategic initiative to mitigate CO2 emissions within its operations. Based in Big Spring, Texas, with a Strategy & Innovation Office in the Ion Houston, SCS Technologies is partnered with Black Bay Energy Capital, an energy-focused private equity fund based in New Orleans, Louisiana.;

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