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Decarbon Daily - Issue for July 16, 2021

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Capital continues to flow into clean energy and technology from individuals and large investment funds. This week India's energy tycoon Mukesh Ambani announced an ambitious plan to put $10.1 billion towards new energy technology.

With billions of dollars pouring into the sector, what projects will be awarded? There are numerous sequestration projects, renewable projects, and infrastructure needs across the globe.

Inside this Issue

💰 Indian Energy Tycoon to Invest $10 Billion into Clean Energy
🏙 We Need To Take CO2 Out Of The Sky
👩🏻‍⚖️ CO2 Sequestration - Federal Role
🏆 NETL's Fossil Energy R&D Awards

Articles in this issue

Indian Energy Tycoon to Invest $10 Billion into Clean Energy
Indian tycoon Mukesh Ambani unveiled an ambitious push into clean energy involving 750 billion rupees ($10.1bn) of investment over three ...

We Need To Take CO2 Out Of The Sky
To keep below two degrees, we'll need to dramatically reduce current emissions and simultaneously remove 10-15 gigatons of CO2/yr from th...

CO2 Sequestration - Federal Role
For several decades the federal government has funded efforts to explore the feasibility of mitigating the release of greenhouse gases (G...

NETL's Fossil Energy R&D Awards
The National Energy Technology Laboratory (part of DOE) is driving innovation and delivering solutions for an environmentally sustainable...

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