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Decarbon Daily - Issue for July 2, 2021

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The Metals Company does not have a license to mine nor has it made any revenue, yet the company was acquired by Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Company, "the first sustainable SPAC," at a valuation of $2.9B.

The Metals Company wants to mine in the Pacific Ocean regulated by UN. Since no country owns this area, the UN regulates the area and has never issued a license to mine.

Green investing may not be about ESG even though the company states that environment disruption would be less for deep sea mining compared to land mining. At this point, how can the company say this with any certainty?

Inside this Issue

🌊 Deep Sea Mining is Green Mining?
💡 Deloitte Research Says Mines Getting Serious about Decarbonization
⛏ $10mm Low-Carbon Steel Production Partnership
💨 Metals Mine Emissions Decrease

Articles in this issue

$2.9B Green Mining SPAC Merger
Investors are pouring money into "green" companies, but what actually makes a company green? WSJ's Justin Scheck tells the story of The M...

ESG: Getting serious about decarbonization
Mining companies need to address decarbonization and meet their ESG commitments. Most need tools to improve their data on emissions throu...

Rio Tinto and China Baowu Steel Invest in Low-Carbon Steelmaking
Rio Tinto has committed to invest $10 million with the world’s largest steel producer China Baowu Steel Group over the next two years in ...

EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting on Metal Sector
The metals sector consists of metal production facilities that smelt, refine, and/or cast ferrous and nonferrous metals, including primar...

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