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Decarbon Daily - Startups of COP26 + Tackling Methane

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Startups of COP26

The Tech for Our Planet challenge is showcasing several startups to present on the international stage at COP26. Next week, in a COP26 related event there will be a Sustainable Innovation Forum, Hydrogen Summit and Agri-Food Summit that will showcase even more digital solutions. Below are a few companies demonstrating emissions tracking, GHG avoidance, and earth observation analysis.

BrainBox AI: AI for Real Estate

Last week, Brainbox AI raised $24 million in Series A with a new lead investor ABB and investments by Esplanade Ventures and Desjardins Capital.

Brainbox AI HVAC
Source: BrainBox AI website

The company’s next phase of innovation harnesses the power of BrainBox AI’s core technology to tackle the energy transition by creating energy demand flexibility within building clusters. Globally, the energy sector is undergoing a major transition spurred by the decreasing cost of renewable power generation. With these new intermittent sources of power comes the need for more flexible energy grids. BrainBox AI’s autonomous AI technology will allow buildings, working interactively, to be a part of the solution by providing energy and capacity back to the grid, contributing to cleaner and more efficient consumption.

BrainBox AI creates energy savings by:
1. Mapping your existing system and learning your building's thermal behavior
2. Optimizing your building's HVAC operations in real-time
3. Coninous learning and improving performance

Earth Blox: No-code Satellite Intelligence

No-code access to the power of satellite intelligence. Earth Blox gives users access to Google Earth Engine in the cloud with a simple interface to create complex geospatial queries.

Earth Blox No-code Imagery
Source: Earth Blox website

Earth Blox is a new, intuitive and code-free software solution that makes Catastrophe (CAT) Modelling faster, easier and more precise than ever.
In this upcoming webinar, our Co-Founder and Director, Sam Fleming, will demonstrate how Earth Blox can help companies in the insurance and risk management industries create more robust CAT models with enormous complexity under the hood, but presented in a simple drag-and-drop interface that gives you results in minutes.

Sweep: Carbon Tracking for Action

Sweep allows companies to track carbon reduction plans and create action at scale for modern businesses.

Sweep GHG Tracking
Source: Sweep website

Sweep's data-driven software platform makes it easy to understand, manage and reduce your carbon footprint. Powerful collaboration features and user-focussed design empower your staff and even your value chain to make a cleaner business a reality. Our integrated marketplace enables companies to directly purchase the best negative carbon, securing what will soon become a scarce resource. And with all your data in one place, our analytics offers unparalleled insights into your progress, and automatic reporting to your stakeholder.

Inside this Issue

🏛 Fact Sheet: President Biden Tackles Methane Emissions, Spurs Innovations, and Supports Sustainable Agriculture to Build a Clean Energy Economy and Create Jobs
☁️ SWEEP: Reduce Carbon Emissions in Your Business and Value Chain
⚡️ Measurable.Energy: A Vision to Avoid Emissions
🏢 BrainBox AI: Autonomous AI Technology for HVAC

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