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Aker Carbon Capture Awarded FEED for Hafslund Oslo Celsio's CCS Project on Their Waste-to-Energy Plant at Klemetsrud in Norway

Published by Todd Bush on December 1, 2023

OSLO, Norway, Nov. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Aker Carbon Capture, together with Aker Solutions, has been awarded a full FEED by Hafslund Oslo Celsio (Celsio), the largest supplier of district heating in Norway, to develop carbon capture at their waste-to-energy facility at Klemetsrud in Oslo, Norway. Through the FEED, Aker Carbon Capture, Aker Solutions and Celsio have established a framework for an intention to execute an engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning (EPCIC) contract, subject to contract negotiations and final investment decision (FID).

The FEED award follows Celsio's cost reduction initiative for the Oslo CCS project and will be delivered based on Aker Carbon Capture's modularized Just Catch 400 unit, with a design capacity to capture up to 400,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The waste incineration plant at Klemetsrud is the largest carbon emitter in Oslo and is responsible for 17 % of the capital's fossil carbon emissions. The Celsio CCS project is part of Longship, the Norwegian Government's carbon capture and storage project, which will also include CO2 captured at Heidelberg Materials' cement plant in Brevik, where the carbon capture plant is delivered by Aker Carbon Capture and Aker Solutions. The awarded FEED is limited to the capture facility at the existing waste incineration plant, and not including the intermediate storage and harbor facility at a port to be decided.

"We are excited to support Celsio in realizing Norway's first waste-to-energy plant with full-scale CCS. This will be an important contribution to the city of Oslo's efforts to achieve its ambitious climate goals. Together, we have developed a cost-efficient concept based on Aker Carbon Capture's standardized and modular Just Catch 400 offering, validated by the ongoing delivery of seven carbon capture units across Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands," said Egil Fagerland, Chief Executive Officer at Aker Carbon Capture.

"We are pleased to have Aker on board for the journey towards realization of our carbon capture project. Today's announcement is a significant decision in our extensive efforts to reduction costs, however there are several milestones that needs be overcome before we aim for a new investment decision in the summer of 2024. We are depending on improved framework conditions and income potential before the realization of CCS in Oslo. Without carbon capture on our emissions at Klemetsrud, it will be impossible to reach Oslo's climate goal, to reduce the emissions by 95 percent in 2030, compared to 2009-level," says Knut Inderhaug, Managing Director at Hafslund Oslo Celsio.

"Aker Carbon Capture's proprietary technology was tested and verified through our Mobile Test Unit at this waste incineration facility back in 2016. Since then, we've been bringing down the cost curve for carbon capture through continued testing, investments in product development, and the delivery of standardized and modular Just Catch units, thereby enabling our customers to efficiently realize their projects," said Fagerland.

"At Aker Solutions, we have three decades of experience in designing and delivering large, complex, first-of-a-kind projects from the Sleipner CO2 storage platform in the 1990's to the current Northern Lights development off the coast of Norway. With our strong engineering, procurement, construction, and installation capabilities, we are proud to support Hafslund Oslo Celsio in making this project a reality. The Celsio CCS development is of great importance to further strengthen Norway's leading position in CCS and ensure the country's ambitious climate goals are achieved," said Kjetel Digre, Chief Executive Officer at Aker Solutions.

The Celsio carbon capture project has since April 2023 been through a cost reduction phase after the previous project cost estimate exceeded the investment budget. As part of the cost reduction phase, new vendors were brought in to present alternative solutions that could lower costs. Aker Carbon Capture and Aker Solutions participated in the process. On the basis of feasibility and concept studies conducted, the two companies were selected to perform a FEED based on Aker Carbon Capture's Just Catch 400 product, with the framework for a possible EPCIC.

Celsio's waste-to-energy facility at Klemetsrud treats household waste, and waste from industry and enterprises. The waste treated at the facility consists of approximately 50 percent biogenic CO2, which creates the possibility to deliver negative emissions. The carbon capture project can provide unique learnings for the European waste-to-energy industry, which includes close to 20 facilities in Norway and around 500 similar facilities across Europe.

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SOURCE Aker Carbon Capture ASA

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