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American BioCarbon Achieves Commercial Pre-certification with

Published by Todd Bush on September 27, 2023

September 26, 2023 04:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time

WHITE CASTLE, La.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--American BioCarbon, a revolutionary manufacturer of sustainable products derived from sugarcane bagasse, has been pre-certified by for CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) generated by bagasse biochar production in its commercial facility. This milestone marks a significant step in American BioCarbon's mission to combat climate change through innovative solutions that simultaneously address multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The American BioCarbon project demonstrates how to create economic value and environmental benefits within a circular economy. When the commercial facility becomes fully operational in 2024, it will generate more than 175,000 high-integrity CORCs annually, establishing American BioCarbon as one of the leading producers of carbon removal credits in North America. America BioCarbon currently operates a demonstration-scale facility co-located with Cora Texas Sugar Mill, where it has a production volume of over 2,000 CORCs. Biochar has the potential to sequester 1.36–3.00 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. American BioCarbon will play a critical role in bringing the industry to scale at a time when demand is urgent. focuses on net-negative verified technology that specializes in carbon removal and long-term storage. American BioCarbon's pre-certification demonstrates its successful compliance with's rigorous requirements. This involves a meticulous verification process conducted by an accredited, independent third party to confirm that American BioCarbon's biochar is carbon net-negative and socially responsible.

Ned Dwyer, CEO of American BioCarbon, expressed enthusiasm about the pre-certification. Dwyer stated, “Pre-certification from provides a clear path to our 2024 commercial-scale production goals. American BioCarbon will be able to sell even more CORCs to brokers, venues, businesses, and marketplaces committed to investing in high-quality carbon removal solutions with verified integrity and co-benefits.”

Biochar produced from agricultural waste, like American BioCarbon’s bagasse biochar, captures carbon in a secure chemical structure that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere through decomposition or burn-offs. If the end-use application of the biochar is stable, carbon is secured. When incorporated into soils, biochar is up to 100 times more stable than the feedstock from which it was produced, and a substantial amount of biochar’s organic carbon will persist in soil for centuries. American BioCarbon’s bagasse biochar advances several UN Sustainable Development Goals in addition to carbon removal. For example, as a soil amendment, biochar increases water retention, reducing the demand irrigation puts on limited water supplies. It is also proven to reduce fertilizer run-off, a leading cause of US waterway pollution. Finally, biochar may be used to filter stormwater and wastewater by removing pollutants and heavy metals.

In a strategic move to scale its marketplace, Nasdaq acquired a majority stake in in June 2021. This partnership is instrumental in meeting the growing demand for carbon removal by large corporations with ambitious Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. By receiving pre-certification, American BioCarbon is positioned to be a critical supplier at the forefront of the movement.

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About American BioCarbon

American BioCarbon is a carbon removal and renewable bioproducts company which offers a multi-pronged approach to scaling renewable bioenergy carbon capture. American BioCarbon’s biochar is third-party certified by to remove and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. American BioCarbon is co-located with the Cora Texas Sugar Mill in White Castle, LA, and uses patented biomass separation technology to make biochar and other products from sugar cane bagasse. By using an agricultural waste product in a unique way, American BioCarbon eliminates legacy environmental impacts while helping customers meet environmental, social, and governance goals.

About is the world’s leading crediting platform for engineered carbon removal. Aiming at climate and economic impact, its mission is to mobilize the world’s economy to reward carbon net-negative emissions. Puro provides voluntary corporate buyers long-term carbon removal procurement portfolios to fulfill net zero pledges, by identifying suppliers, verifying their negative emissions, and issuing CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) with the Puro Standard, the first carbon standard for engineered carbon removal. Trusted by leading organizations, is driving forward a market of carbon negative industries, enabling a new revenue stream for carbon removal suppliers to accelerate their growth. In 2021, Nasdaq acquired a majority stake in

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About Earth to Energy

The Earth to Energy Fund (ETEF) focuses on investments in the biomass sector and related entities that have the potential to expand beyond their current size and capability. ETEF owns and operates assets exclusively, thus fully controlling all of its investments to maximize potential, tax efficiency and overall ROI. More information about the Earth to Energy Fund is available at

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