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American BioCarbon Carbon Removal Credits Now Available for Sale

Published by Todd Bush on January 31, 2023

January 30, 2023 10:07 AM Eastern Standard Time WHITE CASTLE, La.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--American BioCarbon, an innovative manufacturer of renewable products made from sugarcane bagasse, now has C02 Removal Certificates (CORCs) for sale per an agreement with Following an independent audit process conducted by to verify its biochar, American BioCarbon's CORCs are now a certified digital trade asset available for purchase. This major step puts American BioCarbon at the forefront of carbon removal at scale.

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Upon the completion of American BioCarbon's first commercial facility, which is currently in construction, the company will produce 240,000 carbon credits annually and will be the largest producer of carbon credits in North America. Globally, there is rapidly expanding corporate commitment to net-zero carbon footprints and, therefore, rapidly increasing demand for certified CORCs to offset carbon emissions that cannot be eliminated. The current demand for carbon removal credits continues to rise and is far outpacing supply.

Co-located with the Cora Texas Sugar Mill in White Castle, Louisiana, American BioCarbon offers consistent production of premium biochar, which is third-party certified as a carbon removal tool. American BioCarbon's biochar is an effective carbon removal solution, which takes an agricultural waste product that otherwise creates significant environmental liability and transforms it into a valuable climate-positive commodity. In alignment with the standard, American BioCarbon CORCs result in measurable, long-term carbon removal.

American BioCarbon's bagasse-based biochar captures carbon in a secure chemical structure that would otherwise release into the atmosphere through decomposition or burn-offs, providing a stable carbon storage solution. American BioCarbon's biochar has the added benefit of doubling as a beneficial soil amendment, which improves water and fertilizer retention, and steadies plant growth, making fields more productive.

About American BioCarbon

From its agricultural waste pelletizing facility in White Castle, LA, American BioCarbon uses best-in-class technology and manufacturing safety disciplines to supply commercial, industrial, and municipal customers with sustainable products derived from sugar cane bagasse. The environmentally sustainable pellets offset carbon emissions in the global energy markets and are used domestically for environmental remediation. American BioCarbon also produces biochar for agribusiness, retail outlets and commercial customers to provide a nutrient-rich soil amendment to grow vegetables and other high-quality crops, as well as provide a valuable carbon sequestration tool.

About Earth to Energy

The Earth to Energy Fund (ETEF) focuses on investments in the biomass sector and related entities that have the potential to expand beyond their current size and capability. ETEF owns and operates assets exclusively, thus fully controlling all of its investments to maximize potential, tax efficiency and overall ROI. More information about the Earth to Energy Fund is available at

About is the world's leading crediting platform for engineered carbon removal. Aiming at climate and economic impact, its mission is to mobilize the world's economy to reward carbon net-negative emissions. Puro provides voluntary corporate buyers long-term carbon removal procurement portfolios to fulfill net zero pledges, by identifying suppliers, verifying their negative emissions and issuing CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) with the Puro Standard, the first carbon standard for engineered carbon removal. Trusted by leading organizations, is driving forward a market of carbon negative industries, enabling a new revenue stream for carbon removal suppliers to accelerate their growth. In 2021, Nasdaq acquired a majority stake in

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