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Carbon-Credit Technology Innovator Changeblock and Recycling Leader FusionOne Launch World’s First Digitized Plastics Credit

Published by Todd Bush on January 18, 2023

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Changeblock, a global technology company that develops technologies for creating and trading offsets, today announced that it has partnered with recycling pioneer FusionOne to launch the world’s first end-of-life plastics offset, tackling a massive waste problem that is causing irreparable harm to ecosystems around the world. The credit will allow companies and individuals to offset their plastic use and support permanent solutions for plastic waste, and will be available through Changeblock's digital platform, which allows users to easily purchase and track their credits. This will be backed by independent verification and will be recognized by leading carbon markets and sustainability initiatives around the world.

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Changeblock is an environmental exchange that shortens the timeframe for companies to create credits, making it easier to invest in ESG and improve success for clean technology companies. Investors can gain access to groundbreaking green projects that are streamlined and verified, allowing for the creation and listing of unique credits on the Changeblock platform. The company goes beyond carbon and allows companies to create, trade, generate and gather data for environmental credits not only to mitigate carbon, but also for plastics, maritime-conservation, biological, nitrogen, sulfur, and other emissions and biodiversity assets.

FusionOne has developed proprietary technology to convert end of life plastics into hydrogen as a clean source for energy production, as well as other applications. The process is safe, scalable, and environmentally friendly, with the potential to greatly reduce plastic pollution and support the Holy Grail in environmental solutions: the circular economy.

"We are excited to be working with FusionOne to help bring their innovative solution to the market and enabling the monetization of one of the world’s largest waste streams," says Changeblock CEO Billy Richards. "Plastic waste is a major environmental problem, and we believe that the plastic credit has the potential to significantly reduce plastic pollution and support the transition to a more sustainable future."

"We are thrilled to be collaborating with Changeblock to bring the plastic credit to market," said FusionOne CEO Elliott Talbott. "This is an important step towards addressing the global plastic waste crisis and supporting the transition to a responsible circular economy. We believe that the plastic credit has the potential to drive significant change in the way that we think about and use plastic. The Changeblock platform will enable us, and other clean-tech focused companies and projects, to monetize their credit streams. This has the potential to significantly accelerate adoption of incentive-based tools and help us as a society to meet our environmental goals."

About Changeblock

Changeblock creates global markets that make the creation and trade of environmental assets for individuals, businesses, and governments easy, affordable, transparent, secure, and environmentally responsible. The company is led by professionals with deep expertise in technology and environmental credits with proven track record of building and delivering solutions that work in the real world, including members of the team that created the first carbon credit, and come from top global organisations.

About FusionOne

FusionOne is a privately owned end-to-end technology and operations company specializing in renewable electricity, white hydrogen production and thermal processing technologies. Deployment of their commercial system will result in thousands of tons of waste being diverted to a clean and profitable energy stream. FusionOne’s team brings decades of experience in emerging technologies and research and development of the most advanced solutions to the energy sector.

Cameron Thomas for Changeblock
416 660 9801 (Canada)
[email protected]

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