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8 Rivers Announces Cormorant Clean Energy Project, the First Commercial Deployment of 8RH2 Ultra-Low Carbon Hydrogen Technology

Published by Todd Bush on January 10, 2024

The ultra-low-carbon ammonia production facility located in Port Arthur, Texas will produce an estimated 880,000 tonnes of ammonia per year and accelerate decarbonization of transportation, industrial processes, and agriculture across the Gulf Coast region.

DURHAM, N.C., Jan. 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 8 Rivers Capital, LLC, a world-leading decarbonization technology developer, announced today it is developing the Cormorant Clean Energy Project, an ultra-low-carbon ammonia production facility in Port Arthur, Texas. The Cormorant project will be powered by 8 Rivers’ proprietary 8RH2 hydrogen process, representing the first commercial deployment of the technology.

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Cormorant will produce an estimated 880,000 tonnes of ammonia and capture more than 1.4MM tonnes of CO2 annually, with a >99% CO2 capture rate. The site is also expected to bring in over $1 billion in investment to the region and create more than 1,000 new construction jobs from 2024 to 2027.

8RH2 is an ultra-low-carbon hydrogen process that harnesses oxy-combustion to eliminate CO2 emissions and lower costs. At Cormorant, hydrogen produced by 8RH2 will be turned into ultra-low-carbon ammonia that can be used for transportation, industrial processes, agriculture, and more, all with best-in-class efficiency and carbon capture. Cormorant’s strategic location in the U.S. Gulf Coast region enables the project to leverage existing infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and the region’s commitment to the energy transition.

“The Cormorant Clean Energy Project is the ideal location to deploy our 8RH2 platform commercially, at scale for the first time,” said Steve Milward, Chief Operating Officer at 8 Rivers. “Clean fuels like hydrogen and ammonia are paramount to the energy transition, and the Gulf Coast region’s rich history of industrial manufacturing and transportation makes it the perfect environment to demonstrate the game-changing potential of this technology. We’re grateful to be working with local officials to develop and deploy this project and build a clean energy workforce that will sustain the region’s growth for years to come.”

“We’re proud to support 8 Rivers in achieving this crucial milestone for the demonstration and deployment of ultra-low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia at scale,” said Mr. Yang Taek Kim, CEO, SK Materials, a partner and investor in 8 Rivers. “We understand the role clean power and carbon capture technologies must play in lowering global emissions and achieving net zero goals. With their breakthrough 8RH2 platform, 8 Rivers is pioneering an economical and scalable solution to clean fuel production for the industries that need it most.”

The Cormorant Clean Energy Project couples technology innovation with industry-proven process equipment, and represents an efficient and affordable path to decarbonization for hard-to-abate industries like shipping, heavy transportation, aviation, and power generation. Hydrogen and hydrogen-derived ammonia are two key low-carbon alternatives that can replace fossil fuels in ships, vehicles, power plants, and industrial facilities. 8RH2 provides the key to scaling ultra-low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia production to industrial production scale at Cormorant.

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8 Rivers is a Durham, North Carolina–based climate technology company leading the energy industry towards achieving net zero. Founded in 2008, 8 Rivers is pioneering the clean energy and climate future through the invention and commercialization of infrastructure-scale technologies and projects that enable the global energy transition. The 8 Rivers technology portfolio includes cleantech innovations such as 8RH2, an ultra-low carbon hydrogen production technology, the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle, a transformative low-carbon power cycle, and Calcite, a hyper-efficient direct air capture process.

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