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GWSO to Unveil Revolutionary TrinityPower Nexus System at Encountering Innovation Conference

Published by Todd Bush on November 14, 2023

Temecula, CA, Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GWSO today announced it will reveal its game-changing EcoHydroGen and TrinityPower Nexus systems at the Encountering Innovation conference in Kansas on November 13-17. EcoHydrogen and TrinityPower Nexus are first-of-its-kind systems that provide on-demand, infrastructure-free pure hydrogen and oxygen generation via breakthrough proprietary electrochemical reactors.

The revolutionary EcoHydroGen and TrinityPower Nexus systems simultaneously generate pure hydrogen and oxygen using proprietary electrochemical reactors. Its modular design, scalability, and dual functionality as a hydrogen and oxygen generator make EcoHydroGen and TrinityPower Nexus ideal solutions for a $20 billion military energy market. Moreover, the technology's ability to produce 99.999% pure hydrogen and oxygen without external systems or infrastructure ensures a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and non-complex energy solution.

These revolutionary micro- hydrogen generators are designed for easy, long-term use. The compact, modular systems can operate continuously for over 14 years without maintenance. They only require de-ionized water and a proprietary chemical formula to produce pure hydrogen safely and efficiently.

Integrated AI, ML, and IoT enable fully autonomous optimization, simplifying operations without special training or skills needed. The scalable, plug-and-play units provide resilient, clean fuel/energy production for the long haul.

"EcoHydroGen and TrinityPower Nexus are poised to transform energy/fuel production," stated AQST CEO Raymond Caldas. "With unmatched efficiency and portability, these technologies empower localized, on-demand hydrogen and oxygen generation. The implications are far-reaching, enabling reduced costs, improved sustainability, and new capabilities across the energy value chain. We fully expect Nexus to catalyze innovation in power, agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare. The potential is staggering."

"We're thrilled to demonstrate EcoHydroGen and TrinityPower Nexus' game-changing capabilities at this premier innovation showcase," said Joel Smith, President of AQST. "The DOD, DOE, and other agencies urgently need reliable, resilient, sustainable energy. EcoHydroGen and TrinityPower Nexus can provide affordable, portable, on-demand hydrogen and oxygen fuel without costly infrastructure. This event is the perfect opportunity to showcase its revolutionary advantages. The GWSO-AQST team is ready to highlight this transformative technology to key government decision-makers."

With multiple contracts already underway evaluating maritime uses, including one with the US Navy development program, The University of Southern Mississippi’s (USM) Roger F. Wicker Center of Ocean Enterprise, and another with the National Science Foundation, EcoHydroGen and TrinityPower Nexus has generated tremendous excitement among federal partners seeking cheaper, cleaner energy solutions.

"Encountering Innovation presents a tremendous opportunity to highlight EcoHydroGen and TrinityPower Nexus' immense promise as an energy breakthrough," said Michael Pallastro, CEO of GWSO. "We look forward to propelling its real-world adoption and capitalizing on a massive market opportunity."

GWSO has been working diligently to bring Nexus to market quickly. The company projects that sales of Nexus systems could reach $500 million annually within five years.

With thousands of attendees from the public and private sectors, Encountering Innovation has become one of the premier events to match federal agencies with revolutionary technologies. GWSO looks forward to forming valuable relationships at the conference to accelerate Nexus' impressive commercial momentum.

About Global Warming Solutions Inc.

Global Warming Solutions Inc. (GWSO) is a worldwide developer of innovative technologies that address the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The company's breakthrough Nexus system is poised to disrupt the energy market and drive rapid growth.

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