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H2 Notos: A Game-Changer in Green Hydrogen Production for Europe

Published by Todd Bush on May 29, 2024

The fight against climate change hinges on the large-scale adoption of clean energy sources. Green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, is emerging as a frontrunner in this transition. This article dives into the details of the H2 Notos project, a groundbreaking initiative set to revolutionize green hydrogen production for Europe.

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A Large-Scale Green Hydrogen Project Takes Flight

H2 Notos is a colossal green hydrogen project spearheaded by TE H2, a joint venture between TotalEnergies and EREN Groupe, alongside VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company. This ambitious project aims to produce a staggering 200,000 tons of green hydrogen annually in its initial phase, with the potential to ramp up production to a remarkable one million tons per year.

The project will be situated in South Tunisia, a strategic location bathed in abundant sunshine and strong winds – ideal conditions for harnessing renewable energy. H2 Notos will utilize electrolysers powered by large onshore wind and solar farms to achieve this green hydrogen production. Notably, the project will employ desalinated seawater, a crucial step in ensuring sustainable water usage.

TotalEnergies, Austria's Verbund to study proposed Tunisia green hydrogen project

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Connecting North Africa to the Heart of Europe

The vision behind H2 Notos extends far beyond production. The project is strategically positioned to leverage the “SoutH2 Corridor,” a future pipeline network designed to transport hydrogen from North Africa to Europe. This pipeline, expected to be operational by 2030, will create a direct link between H2 Notos and the European market, facilitating the delivery of clean hydrogen to Central Europe.

A Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

The success of H2 Notos hinges on a powerful partnership. TE H2, along with VERBUND, will lead the project's development, financing, construction, and day-to-day operations. This collaboration brings together TE H2's expertise in large-scale renewable energy projects with VERBUND's experience in the European electricity market and its unwavering commitment to becoming a major player in the green hydrogen sector.

David Corchia, CEO of TE H2, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration, stating: "The signing of this MOU with the Republic of Tunisia marks the actual start of this highly ambitious project... We are delighted to partner with VERBUND to support the development of such a pioneering and ambitious endeavor in such a strategic location." This sentiment is echoed by Fatma Thabet Chiboub, Tunisia's Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy, who views the project as "a strategic pivot to strengthen its attractiveness as a destination of choice for foreign investment in renewable energies."

Michael Strugl, CEO of VERBUND AG, highlights the project's potential to create a secure, long-term supply of green hydrogen for Europe, while also fostering economic development in Tunisia. He states: "Tunisia is a particularly important upstream region... We can ensure a long-term supply at scale to support a sustainable transition of our customers to green hydrogen as well as support a sustainable economic development in Tunisia."

Powering a Greener Europe

The H2 Notos project aligns perfectly with the European Union's ambitious green energy goals. By producing clean hydrogen, H2 Notos will contribute significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and Europe's reliance on fossil fuels. This shift towards renewable energy sources is not just environmentally beneficial, but also presents economic opportunities. The project is expected to create jobs in both Tunisia and Europe, while also stimulating investment and growth in the renewable energy sector.

The long-term implications of H2 Notos are far-reaching. The project has the potential to establish a robust green hydrogen supply chain for Europe, with the “SoutH2 Corridor” pipeline playing a critical role in facilitating hydrogen transportation. This, coupled with continuous advancements in technology, paves the way for green hydrogen to become a major clean energy source in Europe by 2030.

A Beacon of Hope for a Sustainable Future

The H2 Notos project is a beacon of hope, signifying a significant stride towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. This large-scale green hydrogen project has the potential to revolutionize how we power our societies, fostering economic growth and environmental benefits across continents. The collaborative spirit driving H2 Notos serves as a model for future endeavors, highlighting the power of international partnerships in tackling global challenges. The project's success will undoubtedly pave the way for a future powered by clean energy.

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