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Harnessing Waste Heat: Tallgrass, Kanin Energy, Samuel EPC at University of Dayton

Published by Todd Bush on July 4, 2024

The fight against climate change demands urgent action, and renewable energy solutions are on the front line. The University of Dayton (UD) is leading the way with a groundbreaking project that harnesses the power of waste heat to generate clean energy. This innovative collaboration between Tallgrass, Kanin Energy, and Samuel EPC is not just reducing the university's carbon footprint – it's setting a precedent for the future of decarbonization in the energy sector.

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Tallgrass, Kanin Energy to Develop Waste Heat to Power Projects

Turning Up the Heat on Sustainability

Waste heat to power technology takes the excess heat generated by industrial processes and converts it into electricity. It's a win-win scenario, utilizing previously wasted energy for clean power generation. In UD's case, the project aims to capture heat from the nearby Rockies Express Pipeline compressor station. This captured heat will then be used to power an organic rankine cycle system, a technology adept at converting heat into usable energy. Notably, the system will utilize an air-cooled condenser, a feature that maximizes efficiency and environmental impact.

The project's ambitious goals are clear: generate approximately 10 MW of carbon-free energy, enough to offset UD's entire electricity needs, and achieve a staggering 70% reduction in the university's carbon footprint. This translates to significant environmental benefits – a projected reduction of over 50,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.


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A Collaboration of Expertise

This groundbreaking project wouldn't be possible without the combined expertise of the team involved. Tallgrass, a leader in energy infrastructure, brings its commitment to decarbonization solutions. "There's a growing demand for decarbonized energy," says Justin Campbell, Tallgrass' Vice President of Power and Transmission. "We're confident we've identified the right team for this project..." 

Kanin Energy, a dedicated developer of waste heat to power projects, plays a crucial role in overseeing the collaboration and execution. Janice Train, Kanin Energy's CEO, underlines the project's significance: "We are excited...this project team will pave the way for...demonstrating how waste heat to power is a critical tool..." 

Finally, Samuel EPC, a global leader in energy project development, takes the reins on engineering, procurement, and construction. Curtis Stanley and Everod Samuel, Presidents of Samuel EPC, emphasize their commitment: "The objectives of this project epitomize Samuel's combined missions..."  Their extensive experience ensures a smooth and efficient project lifecycle.

Beyond Sustainability: A Brighter Future

The benefits of this project extend far beyond environmental impact. UD is expected to experience significant cost savings from generating its own clean energy. Additionally, this project opens doors for research and educational opportunities in renewable energy technologies, fostering a new generation of sustainability champions. Furthermore, the project is projected to create jobs and contribute to the local economy, demonstrating the economic viability of clean energy solutions.

A Model for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The success of the UD project can pave the way for similar endeavors in other industrial settings. The technology can be replicated and scaled up, creating a ripple effect of decarbonization throughout various industries. This, in turn, contributes to achieving broader national and global goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The UD project is a beacon of hope, showcasing the power of collaboration and innovation in tackling climate change. By harnessing waste heat, this project is not just generating clean energyit's generating a brighter future.

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