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Kelvin Maps Proactively Helps Industrial Organizations Meet Emission Targets for 2030 and Beyond

Published by Todd Bush on October 14, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kelvin, the leading collaborative control software company delivering industrial intelligence, has launched Kelvin Maps™ – one of the world’s first industrial solutions for measuring, monitoring and reducing enterprise carbon emissions.

Amid a backdrop of global pressure to boost corporate sustainability, Kelvin Maps intuitively presents vital production data to engineers and operators – delivering visualization of the entire operations, including the impacts of any inefficiencies driving emissions.

This new category of software provides a unique view into the manufacturing and production processes – allowing companies to quickly find emission source offenders and reduce carbon footprint, leading to boosted profitability and sustainability.

Kelvin Maps patent-pending technology seamlessly identifies bottlenecks, prevents failures, and enables improved operations through the simulation of production scenarios.

“Global enterprises are struggling to capture emission levels across their supply chains and businesses. They must adopt a bottoms-up approach to boost transparency, visibility and measurement inside their operations,” said Peter Harding, Founder and CEO of Kelvin. “Kelvin Maps helps enterprises and their supply chain partners hit net-zero goals by visualizing and optimizing the entire production process in detail. Our product helps find your problems and fix them in rapid time.”

Carbon offset prices may rise by 3,000% by 2029 under tighter rules. This Bloomberg statistic points to an increasingly stringent regulatory and investment environment driving the need to meet Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction goals with the same importance as achieving shareholder returns.

“Kelvin Maps accelerates emissions disclosures and boosts the global emissions control movement to meet their 2030 and 2050 emissions targets. With Kelvin, you can collaboratively find and fix production and operational issues that impact your carbon emissions,” explained Harding.

The Only Solution of Its Kind that Unifies Emissions, Controls, and Automation

Kelvin Maps simulates production scenarios and helps slash carbon output by plugging into an intuitive, interactive solution that actively simulates your production lines. Kelvin Maps goes beyond traditional condition-based monitoring solutions to improve production outcomes and reduce maintenance costs with AI-driven intelligent operations.

According to Suhail Jiwani, Chief Technology Officer of Kelvin: “With human-assisted and cognitive AI capabilities, Kelvin Maps creates a single source of truth for a complete facility or a production process – making it possible for engineers and operators on production lines to align on their approach to drive efficiency and reduce emissions. We unify human understanding with artificial intelligence to achieve real impact.”

As a result, Kelvin Maps boosts collaboration in real-time to help find new ways to produce more, reduce emissions, and drive efficiency to make smarter control decisions.

“We are transforming the way plants and factories operate, and the way executive leadership addresses carbon emission goals and production gains,” concluded Harding. “By providing engineers and operators immediate and aggregated information about the health of their assets as one system, we’ve helped reduce carbon emissions for our clients by up to 40%, while boosting production by 20%.”

Kelvin delivers the next generation of collaborative control to enable sustainable operations today and autonomous operations tomorrow. Kelvin Collaborative Control software offers a unique solution to unite human understanding with artificial intelligence to deliver real solutions to real problems. By combining Kelvin Maps™ with Kelvin Copilots™, Kelvin Collaborative Control software offers innovative applications that deliver operational efficiency, increased profitability, and industrial intelligence to reach sustainability goals.

Global industrial companies rely on Kelvin to provide a secured, end-to-end solution to connect, create, and scale control applications across their operations. Kelvin runs across oil and gas, energy, consumer packaged goods, and other batch and continuous manufacturing sectors. Customers include some of the world’s largest industrial organizations. Kelvin is committed to intelligent industrial innovation and building sustainable business foundations that change the shape of your tomorrow.

About Kelvin

Kelvin is the leading collaborative control software company, delivering industrial intelligence, operational excellence, and reduced carbon emissions. Kelvin was founded in 2013 by a team of data scientists, software developers, domain experts, and automation engineers to solve real-world problems. The company has a global footprint with offices in five countries and headquarters in San Francisco.

Kelvin’s next-generation SaaS-based tools are built using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics around emissions and sustainability. Kelvin’s robust solutions provide complete operational visibility, empowering engineers and operators to collaborate and make better decisions anywhere, anytime.

Global industrial enterprises partner with Kelvin to help connect, create, and scale control applications across their operations. With Kelvin, they can simplify complex systems and realize their teams’ full potential. Kelvin partners with some of the world's largest industrial organizations. More than 98 enterprises running 160,000 jobs rely on Kelvin to build more sustainable operations. To learn more, visit Kelvin’s website at

*Source: AETOSWire

Citalouise Geiggar
Vice President of Marketing
[email protected]

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