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RC Technologies Launches Plans to Capture and Convert Carbon into Graphene and Other Eco-Friendly Materials

Published by Todd Bush on August 25, 2022

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - August 23, 2022) - RC Technologies, the US-based clean-tech firm, has announced a new tech-based strategy for converting carbon in the atmosphere into valuable products, such as graphene and synthetic fuel. This technology enables the collection of carbon emitted by industries, vehicles and businesses directly from the atmosphere and its points of origin. It is an innovative technology requiring minimal infrastructural facilities and very little time to capture and process carbon from the atmosphere. The intention is to help governments and industries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, while at the same time utilizing the captured carbon to create high value products and contribute to an expanding economy.

The currently employed carbon capture process involves capturing and storing carbon underground. However, RC Technologies is setting out to reform the traditional way of doing this; it highlights that storing carbon underground can have a negative impact on the environment in the long run. Therefore, it instead converts the carbon into several eco-friendly products. "We are not interested in pumping the captured carbon underground. We don't think it's safe. We instead utilize it in several transformative ways," says Raciel Castillo, Founder of RC Technologies.

For instance, RC Technologies manufactures graphene from the captured carbon dioxide. It separates carbon atoms from oxygen and processes them to make sheets of single-layered carbon atoms; this process leads to the creation of graphene. Graphene has several valuable properties, like high thermal and electrical conductivity, elasticity, flexibility and durability along with many other properties. The objective is to remove harmful carbon from the atmosphere, while at the same time utilizing the captured carbon in constructive and circular ways.

Apart from making graphene from captured carbon, RC Technologies also makes it available for a variety of industries through a series of processes. It captures carbon from the atmosphere and at point-source locations, and a team of experts collects the extracted carbon and transfers it to a local capture hub where it is further processed. The carbon elements are then made available to different industries, such as cement factories that want to permanently store the carbon into their cement.

As part of its new announcement, the firm also emphasizes its aim of making the pure stream of CO2 available to hospitals around the world. Hospitals utilize CO2 in surgical procedures, and it also plays a key role in a number of other processes. Alongside this, it intends to provide pure streams of oxygen and carbon to industries such as space companies, airlines and hospitals.

"We are gearing up to be the leaders in carbon capture and utilization. We aim to play a key role in the global efforts to reduce carbon emissions," Raciel Castillo added.

Media Contact:
Name: Raciel Castillo
Email: [email protected]

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