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SWEN Capital Partners Announces Investment in Arcadia eFuels, International Developer of E-fuel for Aviation

Published by Todd Bush on January 3, 2023

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan 3, 2023--Arcadia eFuels Receives Investment from Swen Infrastructure Fund for Transition 2 ('Swift 2'), a fund managed by SWEN Capital Partners, to provide necessary development capital to accelerate reaching Final Investment Decision stage for the world's first commercial eFuels production facility to produce the lowest carbon emitter fuels for the Aviation sector. Arcadia eFuels announces that they have joined forces with Swift 2.

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The investment received from the fund dedicated to renewable gas production managed by SWEN Capital Partners will propel development and commence FEED (Front End Engineering Design) for eFuels production sites. This investment, the parties aim at reaching FID expeditiously, leading to the construction of commercial eFuels facilities that will supply the much-needed lowest carbon emitter fuel (eKerosene) to the aviation industry. Climate change is the number one topic on the current agenda in the aviation sector, as airlines endure increasing public and political pressure globally to curb carbon emissions.

With the airline industry formally committed to a pledge of 'net zero' carbon emission by 2050, and pending EU legislation mandating the use of sustainable aviation fuels and specifically eKerosene by 2030, Arcadia eFuels and Swift 2 rise to meet this demand by joining forces to combat climate change and protect our planet.To facilitate this process, Arcadia eFuels will utilize Swift 2's investment to develop multiple eFuels production sites that it intends to own and operate, as well as market & sell eKerosene, eDiesel, and eNaphtha. Arcadia's front running project in Vordinborg Denmark, is scheduled to begin operation in 2026, potentially followed by 2 more plants per year in 2026/2027. The output of each plant has been approximated to 100MM liters per year or 75,000 metric tonnes of eFuels.

'We believe that world travel is essential. It inspires people to seek out new places, while providing a learning experience like no other. The ability to experience cultural differences, as well as underlying cultural ties, serves as one of the greatest aids in protecting our global heritage and promote peace, while providing economic opportunities for countless communities. However, while the global economy is more connected than ever, a long-term challenge looms. Concern about air travel's contribution to climate change threatens to curtail growth of an industry that has expanded steadily for decades, shrinking the world for travelers, as well as business in the global economy. For these reasons I am happy to announce that we have secured everything Arcadia needs to reach a final investment decision for one to two projects. SWEN Capital Partners has been a fantastic supporter, bringing an adept understanding of the social, societal and environmental impact of our work, and we are looking forward to developing the project further with them,' says Amy Hebert, CEO at Arcadia eFuels.

eFuels are produced by using renewable electricity to make green hydrogen, then combining hydrogen with carbon dioxide from direct air capture and/or other biogenic carbon sources to produce syngas. The syngas is then processed into eFuels using Fischer-Tropsch and refining to produce eKerosene, eDiesel, and eNaphtha.'

Decarbonising the hard-to-abate sectors such as heavy transport has been our mission since 2019. Although flying less must be a priority, we will keep on traveling long distances in the foreseeable future, it is therefore of outmost importance to produce sustainable aviation fuels with the lowest carbon footprint. Recombining green hydrogen from wind and solar, with much desired biogenic CO2 for example out of the biomethane industry where Swift2 is a European champion, provides a solution, which is being promoted by the EU under its 'ReFuelEU Aviation initiative' ( We are proud to team up with Arcadia eFuels which has assembled an incredible expertise under Amy Heberts' leadership and is leading the way of sustainable aviation fuels.', says Olivier AUBERT, Managing Director at Swen Capital Partners.

SWEN Capital Partners continue to evolve to remain constantly at the cutting-edge of sustainable finance and to heighten the impact of investments. Their endeavors continue to contribute to the world's transformation in meeting tomorrow's challenges through financing practices that are useful for everyone.

About Arcadia eFuels

Arcadia eFuels is committed to build facilities to produce the world's future fuels. These low carbon fuels will allow the transportation sector, namely aviation and shipping, to use efuels directly, without changes to existing engines and infrastructure. Arcadia eFuels aims to produce eFuels around the world to help meet the aviation industry's decarbonization goals. Please visit to learn more or contact us at [email protected].

About SWEN Capital Partners

SWEN Capital Partners is a benchmark player in sustainable investments in private equity with more than 7 billion euros in assets under management and/or advisory in Europe. The management company, owned by the Ofi Invest Group (whose main shareholders are entities of the Aéma group: Macif, Abeille Assurances holding, Aésio Mutuelle) and Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, as well as its team, has always placed the ESG/climate approach at the heart of its approach and offers its clients innovative and sustainable investment solutions. SWEN CP supports entrepreneurs and its partners in a support approach on social, societal and / or environmental issues and the creation of sustainable value, essential in its eyes for useful finance. To learn more please visit

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