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7 Hydrogen Supply Chain Companies to Watch in 2022

Published by Todd Bush on January 20, 2022

The hydrogen economy is evolving quickly as companies announce, plan, and commission hydrogen projects across the globe. New hydrogen infrastructure projects are required to establish a long-term role for hydrogen in the clean energy landscape. Here are 7 companies providing the people, capital, and expertise in the hydrogen supply chain.

Chart Industries: Solutions for Every Phase

Chart Industries is a collection of businesses providing cryogenic tank solutions, heat transfer, and engineered solutions for the global energy and industrial gas markets. Chart is expanding their clean energy solutions, particularly in the hydrogen market.

Chart Hydrogen progress

Chart's investment and partnership strategy yielded results with Plug Power master supply agreement, acquisition of SES Innovation, investor in Five T Hydrogen Fund, partnership with ABB, acquisition of L.A. Turbine, and recent acquisition of Earthly Labs to name a few.

GenH2: Liquid Hydrogen Experts

GenH2 provides expertise to produce, liquify, store, and dispense hydrogen through out the value chain. GenH2 is building small footprint hydrogen filling stations.

Our objective is to mass produce end-to-end hydrogen fueling systems to accelerate development of the hydrogen infrastructure. GenH2 is in a unique position to help accelerate the Hydrogen Economy by leveraging the hydrogen expertise of its team and using mass production processes to speed buildout.
Source: GenH2

GenH2 gained early traction with a 50 station commitment concentrated in California due to the modular hydrogen fueling station design.

Mitsubishi Heavy: Industrial Decarbonization

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is a public Japanese company that operates globally in energy, transportation, and aerospace. MHI is pursuing three strategies for the energy transition:

  1. Decarbonize existing infrastructure
  2. Build a hydrogen solutions ecosystem
  3. Build a CO2 solutions ecosystem

MHI Hydrogen Projects

MHI is participating in a number of carbon capture and hydrogen projects in energy, industrial gases, and cement.

Plug Power: Making Green Hydrogen a Reality

Plug Power is a public hydrogen company that anticipates 2022 revenue of $900 million and guidance of 2025 revenue of $3 billion based on green hydrogen demand and market expansion.

With more than 40,000 fuel cell units deployed, and almost 25 years of innovation, Plug Power is the largest buyer of liquid hydrogen and has built more hydrogen refueling stations than anyone else in the world.

In Q3'21 the company announced plans to build a hydrogen plant in Fresno, California capable of 30 tons-per-day of green hydrogen. This facility moves the company towards its 500 tons-per-day goal of liquid green hydrogen by 2025.

Plug Power Hydrogen Plants

Herose: Valves for Cryogenic Gases

Herose was founded in 1873 to produce valves for ship construction and buildings. The company has a long history of innovating industrial valves for numerous commercial applications.

Herose valves

In addition to hydrogen projects, Herose was a key supplier to the power-to-gas plan in Wertle, Lower Saxony producing green energy.

Quality and reliability for green energy. Numerous Herose products are used in the plant in Wertle for the manufacture of synthetic LNG. For example control valves for the nitrogen supply ant the heat exchangers, also at the nitrogen plant itself or for transferring the completed synthetic LNG into the large storage tank.

Flour Corporation: Building a better future

Flour has a long history of sustainability and clean energy projects dating back to carbon capture in 1992, biofuels in 2008, and carbon capture & storage since 2012. The company is using this experience and expertise to operate in carbon to value, hydrogen, energy storage, and waste to energy supply chains.

Fluor's combination of experience in hydrogen production systems, carbon capture, system integration and supporting system design delivers hydrogen projects with cost and schedule certainty.

Flour Energy Transition

Flour is partnering with SGH2 to build out a green hydrogen plant in Lancaster, California. The pplant is expected to produce hydrogen to serve the light-duty and heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles across California.

Flowserve: Solving Complex Fluid Challenges

Flowserve is a public company with over 16,000 people in 50 countries serving energy, power, water, and chemical industrial flow control challenges. The company manufactures turbines, pumps, compressors, valves, and other equipment for industrial processes.

Flowserve CCS Hydrogen

Flowserve has recently launched a digital platform for companies to remote control over critical operations. The aim is to help companies reduce downtime by identifying and resolving issues with real-time monitoring of facilities.

Talk to these companies and more at the 2nd American Hydrogen Forum in February. Discover additional hydrogen research on Decarbonfuse and sign-up for the newsletter to track the investments and companies building the hydrogen economy.

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