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8 Rivers Announces Joint Development Agreement with Casale SA to Deliver the Breakthrough CO2 Convective Reformer for 8RH2 Hydrogen Technology

Published by Todd Bush on January 18, 2024

  • 8 Rivers Capital, LLC, has further advanced its breakthrough 8RH2 ultra-low-carbon hydrogen technology by adding a CO2 Convective Reformer (CCR), a new proprietary type of methane reformer being jointly developed with Casale SA.
  • The CCR presents a game-changing opportunity for sectors such as transportation, agriculture, and energy, where hydrogen, ammonia, and other hydrogen-derivative products play vital roles.
  • Casale SA (Lugano) specializes in the design, construction, and optimization of chemical and petrochemical plants and has been a leader in the market for over 100 years.

DURHAM, N.C., Jan. 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 8 Rivers, a world-leading decarbonization technology provider, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Casale SA to further advance a key component for its 8RH2 clean hydrogen technology: the CO2 Convective Reformer (CCR). When using the CCR technology, 8RH2 attains greater than 99.9% CO2 capture and will revolutionize the production of ultra-low-carbon hydrogen, ammonia, and other hydrogen-derived products, standing in contrast to legacy steam methane reforming (SMR) and autothermal reforming (ATR) technologies with carbon capture that produce material carbon emissions. This significant breakthrough marks a major milestone in 8 Rivers’ ongoing commitment to provide cost-effective decarbonization solutions that are scalable and deployable today, delivering net-zero solutions for the hardest-to-abate industries.

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The 8RH2 technology was invented by 8 Rivers’ master inventor, Rodney Allam MBE, who with 8 Rivers also pioneered the Allam-Fetvedt-Cycle (AFC), the first new power generation cycle since World War II. 8RH2 harnesses an advanced CO2 process cycle in a CO2 Convective Reformer, building on 8 Rivers’ decades of decarbonization and CO2 expertise. 8RH2 uses natural gas and pure oxygen and then utilizes the CO2 produced in the combustion process as a heat transfer medium in the proprietary CCR before sending the CO2 for sequestration.

With 8RH2's ability to capture greater than 99.9% of carbon emissions at a cost and scale currently unrivaled in the market, this groundbreaking hydrogen innovation promises to redefine what is possible for global decarbonization. While most carbon capture technologies target a 90-95% capture rate, the 8RH2 oxy-combustion process, deployed with CO2 sequestration, will eliminate virtually all direct CO2 emissions. The process provides world-leading efficiency in the production of ultra-low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia for use as a zero-emissions fuel across industry and shipping, along with other hydrogen-derived products. Ammonia, a transportable, low-carbon, low-cost source of hydrogen, can also be used for decarbonized fertilizer, zero-carbon maritime fuel, and as a zero-carbon feedstock to replace coal in existing power plants.

Casale will become the exclusive global CCR supplier and provide the necessary performance, process, and mechanical guarantees with respect to the CCR equipment, underpinning 8 Rivers’ 8RH2 technology and establishing a secure and reliable source of equipment supply for future ultra-low-carbon ammonia projects. The first CCRs are scheduled to be delivered in time to support commercial operations of Project Cormorant, 8 Rivers’ first commercial deployment of 8RH2 hydrogen technology in combination with existing ammonia synthesis loop technology provided by Casale, currently scheduled to come online in 2027.

Steve Milward, Chief Operating Officer of 8 Rivers, said: “Collaborating with best-in-class partners like Casale, with their century-long expertise in ammonia synthesis and chemical plant design, positions us to revolutionize decarbonization and pave the way towards a sustainable future. There is a significant need to decarbonize the production of hydrogen and ammonia as they are widely expected to play key roles in the global energy transition. 8 Rivers’ 8RH2 technology, in conjunction with this important joint development program with Casale, will enable affordable, infrastructure-scale hydrogen and ammonia production to meet the world’s increasing demand for clean fuels, energy, and industrial uses.”

Mr. Yang Taek Kim, CEO of SK Materials, a partner and investor in 8 Rivers, said: “We applaud 8 Rivers’ and Casale’s continued commitment to delivering net-zero solutions at the speed and scale required to keep pace with global emissions reduction goals. This partnership and joint development agreement is a key milestone that will greatly expand the potential of 8RH2’s CCR technology for accelerating decarbonization across crucial industries, including agriculture, transportation, and energy.”

Federico Zardi, CEO of Casale said: “Casale is honored to have been selected by 8 Rivers as a partner for the development and supply of the CO2 Convective reformer, CCR. This development allows us to design and build the lowest emissions syngas plants and fits perfectly with Casale’s strategy to be always at the forefront of technological advancement. It is also a tribute to Casale's ability to develop the most advanced equipment for the chemical industry, on its own or, as in this case, in partnership with a far-sighted company like 8 Rivers. Furthermore, Casale will provide the ammonia synthesis technology to the first 8 Rivers plant, a technology chosen for its reputation as the most reliable and efficient in the market, as proven in hundreds of applications worldwide.”


8 Rivers is a Durham, North Carolina-based climate technology company leading the energy industry towards achieving net zero. Founded in 2008, 8 Rivers is pioneering the clean energy and climate future through the invention and commercialization of infrastructure-scale technologies and projects that enable the global energy transition. The 8 Rivers technology portfolio includes cleantech innovations such as 8RH2, an ultra-low-carbon hydrogen production technology, the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle, a transformative low-carbon power cycle, and Calcite, a hyper-efficient direct air capture process.


Casale, in business since 1921, is a global provider of integrated technologies and engineering solutions for the production of fertilizers and other base chemicals. Casale is one of the few licensors able to supply the entire fertilizer production chain: ammonia, urea, nitric acid, nitrates, phosphates, and key chemicals such as melamine and methanol. Focused on building sustainable plants for a better planet, our portfolio now includes innovative technologies for the production of green and blue ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen. Casale offers a complete range of solutions for new plants and for plant revamping.

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