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Streamline Innovations Expands Growth Capital Commitment to Meet Rising Demand for Emissions Solutions

Published by Todd Bush on August 30, 2023

  • Upsized the Green Loan with Riverstone Credit Partners to fund further expansion of Streamline’s lease fleet of VALKYRIE® hydrogen sulfide (H2S) treatment plants
  • New units will be focused on meeting growing demand from Oil and Gas, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), and Carbon Capture, Utilization, Storage (CCUS) markets
  • Streamline’s VALKYRIE technology helps customers improve operational performance and profitability while also providing a more environmentally forward solution to help reduce toxic emissions, achieve better environmental outcomes and overall ESG scores

SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Streamline Innovations, Inc. (“Streamline”), the leader in green solutions for treating hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other toxic emissions, has again upsized its Term Loan from Riverstone Credit Partners LLC (“RCP”), a dedicated credit investment platform focused on energy and the energy transition.

This expansion of the Green Loan follows the previous upsize announced on June 16, 2022, when RCP also participated in an equity raise.

Proceeds will be used to construct additional VALKYRIE H2S treatment plants to expand Streamline’s fleet within the company’s traditional Oil and Gas market, the fast-growing market for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), and the emerging Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage (CCUS) market.

VALKYRIE H2S treatment plants

Streamline’s patented, biodegradable chemistry and processes convert toxic H2S into elemental sulfur, which can be cleanly disposed of or used in agricultural purposes, such as fertilizer. Many alternative treatment solutions result in hazardous or toxic byproducts that require special handling. In addition, Streamline’s chemistry is regenerative, so it can be reused multiple times, reducing its environmental footprint and the consumption of raw materials relative to other alternatives.

The new VALKYRIE ECO and VALKYRIE ECO FLEX H2S treating solutions are designed for the unique needs of agricultural biogas (RNG) and Landfill Gas (LFG) producers. Streamline’s technology treats H2S down to non-detect levels using a single, containerized system without the need for additional equipment. Importantly, Streamline VALKYRIE solutions handle variability in gas flow rates and temperatures, providing RNG producers a robust method for upgrading raw biogas to commercial, pipeline quality RNG.

>> RELATED: Streamline Innovations Introduces VALKYRIE® ECO and VALKYRIE ECO FLEX Products for H2S Treating in Biogas-to-RNG Upgrading Applications

Sustainable Fitch, a division of Fitch Group focused on ESG, previously recognized the Term Loan as a Green Loan aligned with the four pillars of the LSTA Green Loan Principles and the LSTA category of pollution and prevention. This ESG rating validates Streamline’s green technology as a solution for helping industry move forward to a sustainable and clean future.

“This expansion of financing with RCP validates our environmentally forward technology and the opportunity we have across multiple markets,” said David Sisk, Co-Founder and CEO. “We successfully deployed the original capital commitments to expand our lease fleet and increase our responsiveness to growing customer demand. The additional funds will help us continue increasing our market share and revenue. Importantly, our new ECO and ECO FLEX solutions are poised for rapid growth in the biogas purification market by adapting our proven technology used in the oil and gas sector to Renewable Natural Gas applications. We are extremely pleased with the strong relationship developed with RCP and deeply appreciate their commitment to helping fund the energy transition.”

Christopher Abbate, Co-Head of RCP, said, “We are pleased to extend this investment and assist Streamline with additional capital for continued growth to deliver environmental sustainability benefits to their customers. Since our initial investment in Streamline, they have achieved substantial growth with over 40 H2S treating units deployed today.”

About Streamline Innovations

Streamline Innovations' vision is Eliminating Emissions Through Technology. We help heavy industry around the world achieve environmental performance objectives, improve sustainability, and transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Streamline’s H2S treating solutions help our customers achieve the “E” in ESG. H2S is present in many industrial processes throughout the world, and our technology can be applied across industries, delivering a sustainable solution that eliminates H2S, a leading cause of human inhalation accidents, corrosion and SO2 emissions, a primary cause of acid rain.

We also believe that achieving climate-improving directives requires data. Creating intelligent systems that operate effectively and efficiently without human intervention is critical to measuring and reducing emissions that harm the environment. We integrate advanced process control, data collection and analytics in our technologies to provide a total solution for customers.

We serve organizations in multiple sectors, including Energy/Oil & Gas, Biogas, Landfill Gas & Renewable Fuels, Municipal Wastewater and Industrial Air & Water.

Visit for more information.

About Riverstone Credit Partners LLC

Founded in 2014, Riverstone Credit Partners is a dedicated credit investment platform focused on energy, power, decarbonization, and infrastructure. Since inception, RCP has committed approximately $5.1 billion of capital to over 60 portfolio companies. Riverstone Holdings was founded in 2000 by David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre with approximately $43 billion of capital raised. For more information about Riverstone, please visit

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