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CarbonCapture Inc was founded in 2019 with a mission to combat climate change by developing innovative solutions. The company's tagline, "We make machines that remove carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere," reflects their focus on creating technology that directly addresses the issue of carbon dioxide emissions.

With their expertise in climate change and decarbonization, CarbonCapture Inc aims to contribute to the global efforts of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Their focus on Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology sets them apart, as they specialize in creating modular machines that can be connected in large arrays. This allows for the removal of massive amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, making a significant impact on reducing carbon dioxide levels.

As a climate tech company, CarbonCapture Inc is dedicated to developing and implementing sustainable solutions to combat climate change. Their innovative DAC machines offer a scalable and efficient approach to removing carbon dioxide, providing a promising avenue for achieving a more sustainable future.

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