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Decarbon Daily - Issue for July 2, 2021

$2.9B Green Mining SPAC Merger
Investors are pouring money into "green" companies, but what actually makes a company green? WSJ's Justin Scheck tells the story of The M...

ESG: Getting serious about decarbonization
Mining companies need to address decarbonization and meet their ESG commitments. Most need tools to improve their data on emissions throu...

Rio Tinto and China Baowu Steel Invest in Low-Carbon Steelmaking
Rio Tinto has committed to invest $10 million with the world’s largest steel producer China Baowu Steel Group over the next two years in ...

EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting on Metal Sector
The metals sector consists of metal production facilities that smelt, refine, and/or cast ferrous and nonferrous metals, including primar...



Decarbon Daily - Issue for July 1, 2021

FedEx Announces $2 Billion Carbon-Neutral Plan
FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), home of the world’s largest cargo airline, announced today an ambitious goal to achieve carbon–neutral operation...

Is Oil Demand Doomed With Or Without Climate Policy?
Many energy observers predict that new climate policies in the U.S. and around the world will drive global oil demand significantly lower...

APICORP's MENA Energy Outlook
Potential long-term shortages due to the significant drop in investments in 2020. The entire energy value chain – particularly oil and ga...

China Energy Outlook 2020
China is the world’s largest consumer and producer of primary energy as well as the world’s largest emitter of energy-related carbon diox...



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 30, 2021

CATL & China Dominate Battery Supply
📊 CATL & China are dominating the battery supply, ♻️ Redwood Materials is tripling its size... and much more.

Piedmont Lithium Project Named as Lithium Mining Companies to Watch
According to the company, its PLP is strategically positioned in one of the most ideal regions in the world. Piedmont cites favorable geo...

Entergy + Mitsubishi Power Partner on Storage, Batteries, and More
The two companies are collaborating on decarbonization efforts by combining the strengths of industry leaders to move towards net-zero. B...

Q1 Solar & Wind Market Update
The Permian Basin in Texas is home to the largest solar projects completed in the quarter. Transmission providers have been busy building...



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 24, 2021

Getting Rates Right for Public Charging Station Build Out
For charging sites dominated by relatively rare, yet very power-intensive, bouts of fast charging, demand charges can add up to 90 percen...

Schlumberger Partners on Lithium Production
Schlumberger New Energy and Panasonic Energy of North America, a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, have entered into a ...

US Hydropower Market Report
This report also updates the information about U.S. and global hydropower and PSH development pipeline, hydropower prices, and performanc...

McKinsey's Global Energy Outlook 2021
At the same time, the world’s energy systems are going through rapid transitions that are triggered by simultaneous shifts in technolo...



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 29, 2021

Tracking Emissions in US Electricity System
The environmental quality of the electricity flowing through electric grids varies by location, season, and time of day. Data from 3 publ...

Get the Code: Tracking Emissions in US Electricity System
This repository contains the code to reproduce the results in the paper: "Tracking emissions in the US electricity system", by Jacques A....

S&P: 70% of Largest Utilities have Decarbonization Targets
Most major U.S. electric and gas utilities now have net-zero emissions or equivalent targets, an indication that an increasing share of t...

Investors Say Utilities Not on Track for Decarbonization
Electric utilities are failing to align their businesses with the Paris climate agreement goals and investors’ expectations, according to...



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 28, 2021

Net0: Helping companies achieve Net Zero Carbon
Net0 is a software platform designed to comprehensively measure carbon emissions in real time.

Sustainalytics: ESG Data for Investors
Knowing how exposed and how well your portfolio companies manage their material ESG issues is now a critical part of making well-informed...

Datarade: ESG Data Marketplace
Financial market data for ESG investors and funds.



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 23, 2021

The Dark Side of Solar
Solar energy is a rapidly growing market, which should be good news for the environment. Unfortunately there’s a catch. The replacement...

Mixed Outlook for Refiners in US and China
Permanent refining capacity closures expected for 2020-2021 have risen to about 1.7 million barrels per day (bpd) as the COVID-19 pandemi...

Permian Basin Methane Emission Study
An Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Methane Emission Study

Toyota Ventures
Clean, emerging technology from the company that brought us the Camry, Land Cruiser, and Supra.



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 22, 2021

EVs Growing Faster in China and Europe Compared to US
A small but significant share of car owners in the United States have traded filling up for plugging in, and many more are thinking of jo...

Mixed Reception for EVs but Millenials Most Likely to Purchase
Americans are closely divided over the idea of phasing out combustion-engine vehicles by the year 2035, and many are on the fence about w...

Albemarle Q1'21 Earnings Show Recovery for Lithium
FY 2021 volumes are expected to be higher year-over-year due to North American plant restarts, productivity improvements, and tolling. A...

Cars, planes, trains: where do CO2 emissions from transport come from?
Transport accounts for around one-fifth of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions [24% if we only consider CO2 emissions from energy].1 ...



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 21, 2021

Caterpillar Announces 2030 Sustainability Goals
Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT) illustrates how it continues to help its customers build a better, more sustainable world in its 2020 Sustai...

WEF Reports on Supply Chain Opportunity
World Economic Forum and BCG partnered to create a report that quantifies and elaborates on the opportunities to decarbonize the supply c...

Under the Radar Stocks Fighting Climate Change
To fight climate change, most investors think about renewable energy and electric vehicles. But there’s another big carbon-belching culpr...

Clean Truck Market Sees Growth
According to GNA’s latest State of Sustainable Fleets report, 83% of fleets surveyed plan to increase their use of cleaner fuels and clea...

Lithium Stocks to Keep EV Revolution Running
Though it is used for various purposes, lithium is desired most for its effectiveness in rechargeable batteries. In fact, the soft metal ...

Shipping Stocks to Watch as Supply Chain Decarbonized
The shipping industry includes companies that transport cargo around the world, from grains to apparel to electronics to appliances. In s...



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 18, 2021

10 Best Battery Stocks to Buy Now
Battery stocks are gaining investors’ attention worldwide as the world’s hunger for energy storage devices and a better battery technolog...

Nio Limited Pitches Battery-as-a-Service
Nio is one of the most famous EV and battery companies in the world. The China-based company is pitching itself as a Battery-as-a-Service...

Top Battery Metals Stocks to Consider
As the energy revolution continues to unfold, automakers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to secure these raw materials in ord...

Tesla and Subaru Only Autos To Trust Cameras for Driver Assist
Tesla and Subaru suddenly have something in common, as the only automakers to exclusively trust cameras for driver-assist technology. Som...



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 17, 2021

Can These Startups Make Carbon Capture Profitable?
A growing number of startups have ambitions to turn carbon dioxide emissions into cold hard cash—with the hope of charting a course to cl...

EV's Poised to Reshape Auto Industry
Valuations in the electric vehicle space have soared as governments and investors embrace the technology, with publicly traded companies ...

Renewable energy SPAC Beard Energy Transition Acquisition files for a $250 million IPO
Beard Energy Transition Acquisition, a blank check company targeting electric power grid opportunities, filed on Tuesday with the SEC to ...

Climate Real Impact Solutions III Acquisition Corp - SEC Filings
Former CEO of NRG leads blank-check company to decarbonization.

Quioveo - Renewable Energy for All
Quioveo is a startup raising capital through Wefunder to address the energy and climate crisis.



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 16, 2021

Clean Energy Act for America
Document that outlines tax credits for various clean energy sources.

Senate Executive Session: Clean Energy Act
Discussion from Senate regarding the clean energy act

American Jobs Plan
Clean energy is at the forefront of US jobs

Renewable Energy Job Stats
The continued growth of investment in renewable energy is causing an unprecedented creation of jobs in the sector. In fact, according to ...



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 15, 2021

Bloomberg Sustainable Finance
Environmental, Social, and Governance hub for Bloomberg

Fisker EV: Carbon Neutral by 2027?
Electric vehicle startup Fisker Inc. has set a moonshot goal of creating its first climate-neutral car by 2027. Fisker has yet to brin...

Climate Risks Hit Mansion Poitics
How do the rich protect coastal mansions? Build them bigger!

Japan's Big Bet on Hydrogen
Japan's hydrogen investments exceed other countries and now the country is unveiling the first liquified hydrogen carrier



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 14, 2021

BP Statistical Review of World Energy
bp’s Statistical Review of World Energy 2020 reveals that growth in carbon emissions in 2019 slowed from the sharp increase seen in the p...

Decarbonizing My Agenda
Decarbonization themes across sectors

World Resources Institute: Countries Leading the Way
Getting to a net-zero-carbon energy system is essential. It will be a major effort, one that requires significant investment in new low-c...

Asset Managers feel the Heat
Asset managers may see demand for climate-change funds accelerate as the EU sustainable-activity catalog (the taxonomy) unfolds, with the...



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 11, 2021

From Steel to Volts
Ohio's steel valley rebrands itself Voltage Valley from Steel Valley

Natgas Driving Economic Improvement
The economic impact of the oil and natural gas industry in Ohio has been immense over the past decade. Whether the result of the thousand...

President Biden Responds to Global Threats
Today President Biden and leaders from G7 will demonstrate that we are unified by our shared values and a collective resolve among major ...

Canadian Producers Commit to Net-Zero
Reminiscent of Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) – a unique collaboration between competing producers who share innovations ...

How to Reduce Emissions from Food Production?
We have a number of options – some fall on the shoulders of consumers; some on producers. Importantly, the options on both sides can be i...



Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 10, 2021

Electric Vehicle Study
EVs will continue to accelerate according to BNEF’s latest report

Power to Decarbonize
While sectoral economic transitions are largely outside the domain and impact of energy policy, and deindustrialization is hardly a globa...

Infrastructure Collapse Puts Climate
Infrastructure risks may pose challenges to pushing climate change initiatives.

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